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Chevra Kadisha

The Chevra Kadisha of Englewood has been an integral part of the Englewood community since its establishment in 1978.  It functions as an independent communal organization, and is not affiliated with any local synagogue or any other society. Under the rabbinic advisory of Rabbis Shmuel Goldin, Menachem Genack and Zev Reichman, the Chevra attends to funeral arrangements through the Gutterman Musicant Chapels, and burial preparations for its membership in accordance with Halacha and Jewish customs.  Additionally the Chevra aids in the observance of Shiva in the mourner's home.

The Chevra functions under the capable leadership of its president, Mr. Michael S. Strauss.  Its staff consists of a dedicated group of men and women from the local community who are ready to serve at a moment's notice.

Yearly membership in the Chevra is a nominally set fee of $36 and includes husband and wife and any unmarried children up to age 25.  Only members of the Chevra Kadisha are entitled to its services.  If you are interested in membership or participating in any of the Chevra's activities, please call Mr. Michael S. Strauss.




Mon, April 23 2018 8 Iyyar 5778