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            MAZAL TOV!!

We have many rooms available and can accommodate simchas of various sizes.

Please call Ariana  (201) 568-1315 ext 2021 or email for more information.

To reserve a Bar/Bat Mitzvah please click here for the form to submit it to the office.

For a summary of our current simcha policy, please click here.

                        Menu with Links to Details & Pricing

                             CAT Catering Panel   (as of January 1, 2021)

Caterer Contact Info

8th Day Caterers

8th Day Caterers

Dovid Lisker


Dougies BBQ

Dougies BBQ

Jonathan Speiser

visit our website to order take out - free delivery

Esprit Events/Village Crown Caterers

Esprit Events/Village Crown Caterers

Jacob Ottensoser(esprit)
347-231-0590 (cell)

Sash Maharaj (village crown)
347-996-8101 (cell)


Foremost Caterers

Randy Zablo

Ira Shulman

click here for Rosh Hashana menus

Grand & Essex Market

Grand & Essex Market

Yitzy Elbaum
201-244-9955 x 90

accepting online orders via their website

Madison Caterers/Kosher Experience

Madison Caterers/Kosher Experience

Avi Levenbrown

Kosher Experience Menu
including our Shabbat menus


Main Event Mauzone Caterers

Main Event/Mauzone

Matt Cardoza
cell 203-942-5772

Alan Shulman





Martin Mayer

Take Out Menu

Petaks/Five Star

Petaks/Five Star


visit or call 973-812-0329

Zami Caterers

Zami Caterers

David Zami


Reservation Disclaimers

  • All events at Ahavath Torah require membership status. The minimum membership for event reservations is $1,250/year.
  • Full members may reserve up to 4 years prior to the event.
  • Affiliate, Associate & Trial membership levels may reserve 12 months prior to the event.  If you are not currently a member, please inquire about levels of membership.
  • Minimum non-refundable non-transferable $250 deposit required to hold a room on a specific time-slot - For a wedding minimum non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is $500.
  • 50% deposit due 9 months prior to an event with a remaining balance is due 1 months prior to the event.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Multiple private bookings for a simcha will receive a 10% rate reduction.
  • During Sukkot, using the Sukkah on the patio is the same pricing as The Parker Family Ballroom pricing.
  • $300 security deposit must be made prior to the start of the event.  This deposit IS refundable. 
  • Events with more than 200 guests require valet parking at $1,800 per event. Please let the office know if this is something you need.
  • Accounts with the synagogue must be in good standing to reserve/use any room rentals.
  • Please note that we are a nut aware property.  No products with nuts are allowed to be brought into the synagogue.
  • Grants from Donor Advised Funds may only be used to cover the food expense of a public kiddush as per rules restricting impermissible benefits from a recommended grant
  • Subject to change without notice.

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Catering Room Details

Room (click on the link to see a photo)  Dimensions   Sq Footage  Cocktail  Reception  Banquet  Seating  Seating with a dance floor
The Parker Family Ballroom 104'8" x 55'9" 5825 725 guests 475 guests 320 guests
Parker East Ballroom 61'9" x 53'6" 3303 600 guests 288 guests 200 guests
Parker West Ballroom 42' x 52'1" 2184 400 guests 220 guests 150 guests
The Garden 60' x 100' 6000 725 guests 475 guests 320 guests
The Eckstein Social Hall 74 x 34 2516   220 guests  
Eckstein Front 30 x 34 1020      
Eckstein Back 44 x 34 1496      
The Horowitz Social Hall 37 x 30 1110   50-75 guests  
The Sarna Lounge 26 x 36 936   50-75 guests  
The Lenger Library 36 x 28 1008   40-50 guests  
The Conference Room (Bridal Suite) 16 x 26 416   25-35 guests  


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Sponsorship of a Community Kiddush

 Sponsorship of a Community Kiddush is available at the following levels

Host $4000
Sponsor $2500
Co-Sponsor $1000
Supporter $500
Contributor $360
Friend $180


Please click here to complete the sponsorship form.

For special circumstances contact the catering manager at 201-568-1315 ext 2020 or email

Private Shabbat & Yom Tov Room Rental Pricing (3 hour event)

Room Friday Night/Yom Tov Night Shabbat Lunch/Yom Tov Lunch
The Garden $2200 $2540
The Parker Family Ballroom $1675 $2015
The Eckstein Social Hall $800 $1140
The Horowitz Social Hall $625 $965
The Sarna Lounge $425 $765

pricing effective 8/3/21
Includes Security

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Wedding Room Rentals (6 hour event)

(includes: use of the entire facility, tables, chairs, set up, clean up, and 8 hours of security. The CAT space is available for vendor set up 6 hours prior to the event start time, unless coordinated with the caterer and office.)

Room Monday-Thursday Saturday Night & Sunday (and Legal Holidays)
The Parker Family Ballroom $5680 $6680
Use of Garden (for any part of the event) $6180 $7180
Use of Our Dance Floor in Garden $6680 $7680

pricing effective 8/3/21

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Party - not on Shabbat or Yom Tov (5 hours)

Room Monday-Thursday Saturday Night & Sunday (and Legal Holidays)
The Garden $3210 $4310
The Garden with our Dance Floor $3710 $4810
The Parker Family Ballroom $2710 $3810
The Eckstein Social Hall $1610 $2160
The Horowitz Social Hall $1060 $1335
The Sarna Lounge $785 $1060

pricing effective 8/3/21
Includes 6 hours of security

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Momentous Occasions (3 hours event)

Room Early Childhood Events: Brit, Shalom Bat/Nekayvah, Pidyon Haben, Shalom Zachor, Upsherin Other Events:   Mon-Thurs Other Events: 
Sat eve, Sun & Legal Holidays
The Garden $2405 $2405 $3255
The Garden with our Dance Floor $2905 $2905 $3755
The Parker Family Ballroom  $1255 $1905 $2755
The Eckstein Social Hall $755 $1080 $1505
The Horowitz Social Hall $505 $680 $880
The Sarna Lounge $455 $480 $680

pricing effective 8/3/21
Includes 3 hours of security

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Events WITHOUT Food (up to 3 hours)

Room Rental Fee
The Lenger Library $275
The Benatar Library $275
The Straus Main Sanctuary $550
The Katz Auxiliary Sanctuary $500
The Isaac Perry Beth Midrash $450
The Youth Minyan Room $275
Junior Congregation Room $225
K'ton Ton Rooms $225

pricing effective 8/3/21
Security fee will apply

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Mon, December 6 2021 2 Tevet 5782