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Ongoing Classes                  Fall 2019


*New Women's Program* Wed, October 30, 9:15 am.  Reflecting with the Rebbetzin - A new series for women about Torah, Psychology, & Discussion with Dr. Shoshana Poupko.  First session - "The Good Enough Mother... Wife... Daughter... (_fill in the blank_)", sponsored by Nina Sherman and Jerry Menkin in memory of their respective mothers, Rivka Rhea Rosezweig, ob"m and Dora Menkin, ob"m.  The Isaac Perry Beth Midrash. Additional dates: December 3rd - 8:00 pm, January 9 - 9:15 am 

Additional Weekly Classes 

Tues, 11:00 am - The Eve Flechner Parsha Shiur with Rabbi Poupko, The Isaac Perry Beth Midrash

Tues, 7:45 pm - Nach Yomi Iyun Shiur with Rabbi Goldberg, The Lenger Library


Wed, 8:30 pm - Men’s In-Depth Halacha Shiur with Rabbi Kuessous, Benatar Library/Naggar Beit Midrash


Thu, 7:45 pm - Advanced Talmud with Rabbi Rosensweig, Lower Level Conference Room






The Nach Daily with Rabbi Goldberg via WhatsApp, email, and iTunes

Daf Yomi - Rabbi Berman, The LL Conference Room, 4:30AM.  Additional Daf Yomi - Rabbi Becker, The LL Conference Room, 7:10AM

      Daf Yomi, Lower Level Conference Room - 1 hour before Mincha
      Rabbi Kuessous: The Deep Dive- 45 Minutes before Mincha 
Sat, December 7 2019 9 Kislev 5780