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November 11th-12th

What SHOULD Shabbos look like?

Find out by joining us for a Friday Night Dinner like no other!

This year Congregation Ahavath Torah will be coordinating an innovative Shabbos Project Weekend. We talk about the importance of setting the right Shabbat atmosphere and only sometimes talk about what that actually looks like. This year we will show each other HOW!

The program on Shabbat Parshat Lech Lecha will be geared to demonstrating step by step what Shabbat should look like in our homes and community. The Rabbis and the Shabbos Project Committee have been hard at work developing a series of programs so we can enjoy first-hand a participatory Shabbat experience with all the energy, fun, excitement, and inspiration that we strive to bring into our homes. We hope the Shabbat environment created on this special Shabbat will leave a lasting impression on our community.

If you'd like to be a sponsor of the Nov. 12th Communal Kiddush, you can click on the link in the "Schedule of Events" below.




Wednesday November 9

Women's Challah Bake at Factory 220 at 6:30pm  

click here to sign up

Thursday, November 10

Teen Cholent Cook Off Prep for Grades 9-12;  7pm, The Horowitz Social Hall

Contact Estee and Willie Balk ( for more information.


Friday, November 11

Candle-Lighting at the shul 4:22pm

Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat, Ashkenazic & Sephardic Unity Tefilla, The Straus Main Sanctuarywith Chazzan Sruli Hersh and Chazzan Hagay Batzri, 4:25pm

Communal Dinner, The Parker Family Ballroom (approximately 5:45pm) reservations required

Speaker - Nechama Price, The Isaac Perry Beth Midrashwill speak following dinner (approximately 8:15pm, all are welcome). Her topic is "Am I My Sister's Keeper? - Understanding the Role of our Forefathers." Light refreshments after the speech.


Shabbat Morning, November 12

Festive Tefila, The Straus Main Sanctuary with Chazzan Sruli Hersh at 8:45am

   Special Adon Olam and Aanim Zemirot led by our youth

Teen Cholent Cook-off contest for the youth in The Eckstein Social Hall

Drasha with Nechama Price - Topic: "Leaving a Legacy: Why So Little About Lot" following services in The Straus Main Sanctuary

Communal Kiddush, The Parker Family Ballroom, sponsorships available, click here

Shabbat Afternoon and Evening

Mincha at 4:10pm

Communal Seudah Shlishit, The Parker Family Ballroom, approximately 4:25pm

Guest Speaker: Avi Lieberman, Coordinator Comedy for Koby.  Topic: "From War and Terror to Laughter: Stories from Entertaining Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to Benefiting Families of Terror Victims in Israel."   About Avi Lieberman: A comedian, born in Israel now living in Los Angeles.  Since 2001 Avi has successfully arranged stand-up comedy tours in Israel, donating all the proceeds to charity.

Special Shabbos Project Kids Activities with our Shlichot and Youth Department for children 1st through 5th grades, located in The Youth Minyan Room

Maariv, The Straus Main Sanctuary at 5:13pm

Musical Havdalah, featuring our very own Rabbi Goldin and his guitar at 5:23pm




Click here to learn more about the worldwide Shabbos Project

Wed, June 20 2018 7 Tammuz 5778