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Passover 2017/5777

                                   Passover Information


Important Dates and Information

March 31 - deadline to order Shatzer Shmurah Matzah - click here for order form

April 2 - Communal Kashering 8:00pm - 9:30pm

April 7-8 - Pre Passover Shabbat Meals (by resevation only)

              click here to reserve

April 9 - 9:30am - 11:00am - pick up Shmurah Matzah

April 10 - Chametz Burning at the synagogue 8:30am - 11:30am

For Mechirat Chametz (Sale of Chametz) form, click here

For Mechirat Chametz (Sale of Chametz) schedule, click here

        Sale beings Monday March 27th


Important Times

Monday April 10 - 10:46am - last time to eat Chametz

Monday April 10 - 11:51am - last time to burn Chametz

Passover Yizkor Appeal

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Pre-Passover Shabbat Meals

   Adult(s): Both meals, $70 per person
   Adults(s): Friday dinner only, $40 per person
   Adult(s): Shabbat lunch only, $40 per person
   Child(ren) 10 & under: Both meals, $36 per person
   Child(ren) 10 & under: Friday dinner only, $18 per person
   Child(ren) 10 & under: Shabbat lunch only $18 per person
   Sponsorship: $100

Vegetarian meals available upon request in advance. Please contact the office with number of requested vegetarian meals.

Your registration is not complete until you click on "Go to payment" below and enter your credit card information.


Sat, 25 March 2017 27 Adar 5777