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Barbara Feintuch Gemilas Chesed Appeal 5778

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Dear Friends,

Several years ago, Ahavath Torah decided to dedicate our synagogue’s Gemilas Chesed Fund in memory of our beloved friend, Barbara Feintuch o”h.

Since that time, this trusteed fund, which is directed solely toward the critical needs of members of the Englewood community, has provided much needed funds. In a confidential, sensitive and dignified fashion, tens of thousands of dollars have been distributed to friends and neighbors, community members, who need these funds to meet a wide array of acute needs. The countless acts of kindness performed through this fund have served as an ongoing reminder of Barbara’s embracing friendship and her deep dedication to every member of our community.

On Shabbat Mevarchim, Parshat Toldot, November 18, our Synagogue will conduct its annual appeal for the Barbara Feintuch Gemilas Chesed Fund in all of our minyanim. This appeal is particularly timely, as the fund is now critically low and in need of replenishment.

Following is a portion of a letter received last year from a recipient of the fund:

“But there’s one cause that doesn’t have any journals, dinners, honorees or pledge boards. It’s a faceless and nameless cause despite its deep significance. And despite its facelessness, you often see these faces….I was one of the faceless and nameless. I went from being a contributor to this cause to a recipient. And my biggest regret was not giving more when I was able to. I want you my fellow congregants to understand how noble and righteous this cause is. And I beg of you to grasp the proper perspective before it’s …forced upon you one day. This perspective has grown out of tremendous pain and life experience that’s only surpassed by the deepest sense of gratitude for what the Barbara Feintuch Gemilas Chesed Fund has done for our family….I appeal to every kind and generous soul in this community to give generously to this fund even though you’ll likely never understand how truly meaningful and impactful your contribution is.”

I urge you to respond generously so that we will be able to provide assistance and support to members of our community. Additionally, your contribution will be a most appropriate tribute to Barbara’s memory.


Bruce Brafman, President




Sun, May 27 2018 13 Sivan 5778