Ongoing Classes

Fall 2016/ 5777



Summer months:
Torah and BBQ for "College Age" Students with Rabbi Poupko, 8:45pm on his deck (weather permitting)
Rabbi Poupko uses his finely honed grilling skills to engage our young adults in topics from the parsha over sliders, wings and mini-hot-dogs.


The Eve Flechner Torah Institute 
  Given by Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
   10:30am - Talmud Class
   11:00am - Parshat Hashavua


The Isaac Perry Beth Midrash Program - 
     7:15pm - Apocalypse Later: The Visions of Daniel - with Rabbi Chaim                                  Poupko
     8:00pm - Medical Halacha Series - with by Rabbi Shaya First
     8:45pm - Advanced Talmud - with Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig
     Chavruta Study.  Contact Rabbi Poupko


Men's Mishmar with Rabbi Poupko, 8:45pm  - Lower Level Conference Room. The Mishmar features 20 – 25 minutes on a gemara topic from the weekly parsha and then 15 – 20 minutes on a Dvar Torah on the parsha. Shoshana Poupko's cholent and potato kugel are served together with various surprises from Romanian Kosher Butchers of Chicago, IL.

Shabbat Mornings

Summer months:
Tefilah class at 8:45am prior to the 9:00am services in the Straus Main Sanctuary. Deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Tefilah as Rabbi Goldin and other members of the Rabbinic Staff explore different segments of the Siddur.

Shabbat Afternoons

Summer months:
"Learning on the Lawn" featuring various speakers from our local talent. 
Meets on the rear lawn of the synagogue, and in case of inclement weather, in the Katz Sanctuary

Monthly Shabbat Navi Shiur (year round)

The Rabbi Boris and Sara Gottlieb, o"h, Memorial Navi Shmuel Shiur, given by Rabbi Poupko, is sponsored and hosted by Ruth and Lou Schapiro in memory of Ruth's parents. Studying the words and actions of our prophets isn’t just a lesson in history. Their message to the Jewish people of their time contains an eternal message for future generations. Join us we analyze the text to understand both its inherent meaning and its relevance for us today.


Wed, November 22 2017 4 Kislev 5778