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The Rabbi's Desk

06/14/2019 05:33:03 PM


Inside: (see below)
•  Derasha Topic this Shabbat
•  My Derashot from Last Weekend
•  Some Articles of Interest
•  Excellent Quote


The Topic for my Derasha this Shabbat
in the Straus Main Sanctuary prior to Musaf is

The Sound of the Men
Working on the Chain Gang


My Derashot from Last Shabbat
and 2nd Day Shavuot
Getting Good Seats (Bamidbar)

Megilat Naomi: A Story of Life and Death


Some Articles of Interest I Read this Week

Will my Children Remain Religious? (Makor Rishon)

38 years later, pilots recall how Iran inadvertently enabled Osiraq reactor raid (Times of Israel)

Using A CPAP Machine On Shabbat (The Jewish Press)


Excellent Quote  
This past week, Rabbi Nosson Kaminetzky passed away. He was a son of the great Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetzky z"l. In his early years, he was involved with establishing the Mesivta of Long Beach, and eventually moved to Eretz Yisrael in 1970, where he taught at Yeshivas ITRI in Yerushalayim. Over the past few decades, Rabbi Nosson Kaminetzky was a frequent contributor to Torah periodicals, including Hamayan, Kovetz Bais Aharon v’Yisrael and Moriah.

He is well know for writing a book, the Making of a Godol, that caused some controversy for its frank description of great Torah scholars.

In explaining his approach, Rabbi Kaminetzky quipped: "the greatest bizayon (insult) to gedolim (Torah scholars) is to suggest that the truth about them is a bizayon (insult) to them".





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