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The Rabbi's Desk

05/24/2019 04:02:33 PM


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•  For This, Hashem Made the Internet

The Topic for my Derasha this Shabbat 
prior to Musaf in the Straus Main Sanctuary is

A Song of Fire and Water: 
Lessons from Lag B'Omer


The 2nd of my 2-part Navi Mini -Series takes place this Shabbat afternoon at 6:45pm in the Isaac Perry Beit Midrash

Last week we discussed whether the precise nature of the sin of David with Batsheva in light of the Rabbinic view that "whoever claims David sinned is mistaken." We showed how a close reading of the text allows for different approaches.

This week we will focus on David's teshuva, his repentance, and how it reflects his overall character as a national hero. This class will not presuppose attendance at the first one. All are welcome.

Dedicated by Ruth and Lou Schapiro in memory of Ruth's Parents, Rabbi Boris & Sara Gottlieb ob”m


Last Week's Derasha for Parshat Emor

Truth, Trust, Tlaib's Tweet,
and Anti-vaxxers


For This, Hashem Made the Internet

In this section, I typically feature content of a Jewish nature. This week, however, I’d like to share a very important tweet I came across from a favorite comic. Gary Gulman, a member of the tribe mind you, is a stand-up comedian who has been in the business for over 25 years. He shares candidly online about different aspects of his life and career. I was most taken by a long series of tweets in which he shares advice and reflections on the struggles of crafting the art of a stand-up comedian. He is very generous with his experience and insight, and very honest about failures and successes. He is sharing genuinely to help others looking to make such a career. He also shares about his long struggle with depression, which takes enormous courage and strength. Today, I saw this tweet which I believe is important for all of us to read – whether we struggle with depression, with some other mental health challenge, or we are blessed not to have to endure such struggles. It’s an enormously important observation for all and to be able to share widely this helpful wisdom – Hashem made the internet.





Mon, December 6 2021 2 Tevet 5782