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The Rabbi's Desk: Pesach Torah Resources

04/18/2019 09:30:24 AM


•  My Seder Reader
•  Watch Rabbi Kuessous' Shiur for Women
•  Seder Starters


Click here to download
Rabbi Poupko's Seder Reader

Thought provoking sources for further Seder reflections


Watch Rabbi Kuessous' Shiur for Women

"Fundamentals of Faith: Internalizing the Essence of Passover"


Click here to download Seder Starters: Torah nuggets and thought questions from our Spiritual Leadership to inspire discussion and reflection at your Seder table.

Rabbi Chaim Poupko
Rabbi Daniel Goldberg
Chaya Kanarfogel Rayman
Rabbi Shlomo Hyman
Rabbi Willie Balk
Rabbi Andrew Israeli





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