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The Rabbi's Desk

04/12/2019 11:03:28 AM


Inside: (see below)
•  Shabbat haGadol Derasha
•  Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft  
•  Ayelet Poupko's Persuasive Essay

My Shabbat haGadol Derasha tomorrow
in the Straus Main Sanctuary
Mincha 6:35pm / Derasha 7:05pm

The Righteous Mind of the Haggadah:
Identifying the Central Value of the Haggadah
and its Lessons for Today's Social Conflicts and Polarized Discourse

Click here to download the source sheets
hard copies will be distributed at the Derasha

Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft
Though it was disappointing to see that Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft crashed into the moon during its landing attempt yesterday, I believe the lesson of this amazing event was captured perfectly in a scene from one of my favorite TV shows, the West Wing. This is the opening to the show and the beautiful lesson is found in this concluding scene.

Additionally, Yeshiva University posted the following on Facebook:
In December of 1968, following the historic telecast of the moon’s surface, Rabbi Norman Lamm shared a sermon entitled “The Lunar Perspective.” We share his moving words again today in celebration of the amazing accomplishment of SpaceIL and the Beresheet mission! Here is a link to the full sermon:…/ass…/HASH0133/6882a38a.dir/doc.pdf

Some other links of interest:
•  In the wake of the 1969 moon landing, Rabbi Menachem Kasher wrote a Sefer on the religious implications of being on the moon.
•  Rabbi Shlomo Goren suggested amending the text of Kiddush Levana.
• Brief summary of reactions of other Rabbis such as Rabbi Yosef B. Soloveitchik and Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky.

Ayelet Poupko's Persuasive Essay
I posted on Facebook this week that Shoshana and I are immensely proud of our daughter Ayelet whose persuasive essay she wrote for school was published on the website of the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Click here to read the essay.




Mon, December 6 2021 2 Tevet 5782