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The Englewood Mikva Association is an independent organization serving the entire community and is not a subsidiary of any synagogue.
The following information is available from the websites of all our local synagogues.

The Englewood Mikva Assocation is a women’s mikva available to all Jewish residents of Englewood. We provide the following services:

  • Women’s mikva hours every evening
  • Men’s hours on erev Rosh Hashana and erev Yom Kippur only
  • Keylim mikva for tevilat keylim Sundays from 9AM-4PM
  • Private daytime kallah mikva service

For regular women’s nightly use, an appointment is not needed but is strongly recommended. For use on Friday night and yom tov, for kallah service, and for tevilat keylim on days other than Sundays, an appointment is required: please consult the welcome tape at the mikva phone number at 201-567-1443 for details.

For halachic questions about mikva use, please consult one of the rabbis. For administrative concerns, please contact Medinah Popper at 201-569-7818.


September 2104

As we approach the New Year holidays, we are pleased to inform you that the mikvah construction project is finally making progress every day, and we are projecting completion in 6 to 7 months.  Several serious technical problems have been addressed, corrected and approved by the inspectors.

The holiday season will slow progress, but we do plan to schedule an "open house" before the end of 2014 to show the status to all who are interested.  At that time, we will need to actively address our additional fundraising needs.  At the present time, we are estimating that we will neeed approximately an additional $700,000 to finsh this project.  Much of these funds will be needed in early 2015.

We will be glad to answer any questions related to this project, and wish you all a Shanah Tovah.

Gayle Lewis
Medinah Popper
Co-Presidents, Englewood Mikva Association

For a Complete Listing of Current Board of Trustees Members & Officers, click here