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The Englewood Mikva Association is an independent organization serving the entire community and is not a subsidiary of any synagogue.
The following information is available from the websites of all our local synagogues.

The Englewood Mikva Assocation is a women’s mikva available to all Jewish residents of Englewood. We provide the following services:

  • Women’s mikva hours every evening
  • Men’s hours on erev Rosh Hashana and erev Yom Kippur only
  • Keylim mikva for tevilat keylim Sundays from 9AM-4PM
  • Private daytime kallah mikva service

For regular women’s nightly use, an appointment is not needed but is strongly recommended. For use on Friday night and yom tov, for kallah service, and for tevilat keylim on days other than Sundays, an appointment is required: please consult the welcome tape at the mikva phone number at 201-567-1443 for details.

For halachic questions about mikva use, please consult one of the rabbis. For administrative concerns, please contact Medinah Popper at 201-569-7818.

**New Englewood Mikva Update**

We are happy to share with you the good news that all the steps necessary to begin construction on the new women's mikva in Englewood have been completed. The City of Englewood has approved our building permits, we have selected our contractor and the architectural plans have been finalized. We thank our lawyer, David Carmel, and our architect, Ed Easse, for the hours of astute and determined legwork through legal and political areas that this process required.

The last thing we are doing before setting an imminent start date is consulting with the synagogue officers and our contractor to finalize details of the execution of our construction job that will address functional, aesthetic and safety considerations of Ahavath Torah.

The new women's mikva will have a spa-like feel with tiles in beige tones and will feature:

  • a private staircase for discreet entry
  • seven preparation rooms including a spacious bridal room and a handicapped accessible room
  • two mikva pools
  • radiant floor heating for extra comfort
  • beautifully appointed reception area and finishing room
  • a Keylim mikva available on a daily basis

We are very excited that we will soon have a new mikva that will enhance and expand our community's ability to keep the laws of family purity, taharat hamishpahah, ensuring an important source of spirituality in the Jewish home. Looking forward to updating you when construction begins!

For a Complete Listing of Current Board of Trustees Members & Officers, click here