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Congregation Ahavath Torah is a vibrant and diverse modern orthodox synagogue, located in a pristine suburban setting only minutes from New York City. Having planted its roots in the community more than a century ago by only a few Jewish families, we have grown into a thriving congregation of over 700 families. As a community, we are devoted to the Torah, as well as to the land and people of Israel. As individuals, our membership is as varied as it is large, spanning a broad spectrum of Judaic background, current Jewish knowledge, philosophical outlook and political positions. On shabbat the Synagogue hosts several minyanim, each catering to different styles, tastes and personal preferences. These multiple, parallel minyanim insure that all can find a meaningful place for prayer, yet still become involved and engaged as active members of a single synagogue. For many, our shul serves as the central focus of spiritual and social communal life, as well as the source of life-long friends and companions. Despite the recent and rapid growth within the community, we are committed to preserving this congenial and hospitable atmosphere, and strive to remain a warm personal home for all Jews.

The shul provides many opportunities for learning and growth through communal activities, including a broad range of adult education classes and lectures for men and women, geared to all levels of background and learning, and an abundance of youth activities. These include K'ton Ton programs on Shabbat for ages 2 through 6, youth minyanim for grades K-12, and many educational and social programs for our children entering high school and those in their college years. We are also committed to political activism on behalf of the State of Israel and other issues relevant to the Jewish community at large.

Members of Ahavath Torah are fully committed to charitable activities on behalf of individuals and the community alike. The Synagogue coordinates hospital visitations, a Kosher kitchen in the community hospital, comforting of the bereaved, and meals for new parents. Opportunities abound to contribute to the shul and its community through these and other Chessed (kindness) projects.

Congregation Ahavath Torah warmly welcomes all new families and community members. In spite of our large size - and perhaps because of it - we trust that there is a place for all within our walls.